candy crush Level 33 is one of the more challenging  levels in the game

Candy Crush Saga including Candy Crush level 33 been one of the most popular Facebook applications during the past years, being later converted into a smartphone application, as well. Since then, Candy Crush Saga has accumulated more than one hundred million downloads, with people from all over the world playing it several times a day. Moreover, the game is also extremely difficult once players reach level 33, which can make them feel stuck, particularly because the gameplay becomes different. So, if you have reached level 33 and cannot figure out how to clear it, check out the following tips and tricks that will help you advance to the next one. Note that the objective is clearing 16 jelly, so keep this in mind when you proceed.

Focus on Creating Striped Candies

Candy Crush level 33 has very few moves, which is why you need to create several striped candies in order to successfully hit multiple boxes of jelly at the same time. In this level, striped candies are very efficient, particularly because they can easily clear rows both vertically and horizontally. The wrapped candy will not help you as much as a striped one, because it will only explode in the box that you move it to. The more striped candies you have, the better chances of clearing the level you have.

Make Striped + Wrapped Candy Combos
As mentioned above, you are very limited when you reach level 33, so you need to make a few moves and still clear it. A great tip you can try is making a striped and wrapped candy combo, which will enable you to successfully clear most jellies with only one move. Keep in mind that this combo might be very tricky, though, particularly because you have a few moves and limited space. If you can make striped candy combos by swiping two striped candies together, this will be a great way to get rid of the jellies, but only if you make sure that they are properly positioned.

Start at the Top of the Board
To clear the level, make sure to start at the top of the board, but only if this can help you clear at least two jelly squares in one move. Continue with clearing bottom jelly squares and creating special candies, which will help you eliminate even more. If there are no jelly to clear at the top of the board, you can start directly at the bottom, continuing with making special candies and especially striped ones, if it is possible.

Keep an Eye on the Position of the Striped Candies
Pay close attention to position of the striped candies, so you can figure out the row it is going to clear. If you have at least one striped candy that will not clear any row with a jelly within, do not use it. You never know when some jelly will appear, and you will be able to use your striped candies to clear them. Furthermore, if you are unsure regarding the direction that your striped candy is going to clear, think about how you created it. If you swiped vertically prior to creating it, then it will clear the row vertically; if, on the other hand, you swiped horizontally, then the striped candy will clear the rows in the same direction.

Take Your Time
Level 33 has only 17 available moves, and every one counts if you want to clear it. Take the time to examine the entire board in order to identify any opportunities you might use to get rid of jelly. You can even predict how the candies are going to fall further, but note that Candy Crush Saga requires luck in order to help you pass the levels.

Avoid Matching Three Candies
If you see any available three matches (three candies of a kind that can be cleared), avoid them at all costs. Never forget that you only have 17 moves available to use, and matching three candies will only make you lose them, but without advancing towards clearing the level. Focus on matching four or five candies instead, as this will successfully help you clear more jelly squares and accumulate more points, as well. Unless you do have the possibility to create a striped or, at least, a wrapped one, stay away from matching three candies.

Start with Matching Four Candies
A good start that will boost your score and will increase your chances of clearing the level faster is matching four candies. This will increase your chances of creating special candies, which can be used later in order to clear more jelly squares. If possible, matching five candies would be even better, but do not struggle too much with this if no such matches are available.

Never Make Moves that Do Not Clear Jellies
You will certainly have many available matches and moves to use while you are stuck at Candy Crush level 33, but not all of them will help you clear jellies. If that is impossible, it is better to take the time and think your moves in a way that will help you eliminate jelly squares in the end. Also remember that matching candies in the bottom squares will remove matches from the upper ones, which might help you clear more jelly squares. Examine the board attentively before making a move, so that you will not miss any opportunities.

Reload the Board
If you start the level with very few matches available, a good option you have is reloading the board. If you are playing Candy Crush Saga on mobile or tablet, you will be able to easily do so without losing a life. Note that you cannot reload the board after making a move.

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